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AF Colleague Motivated to Live Smart

December 17, 2015 02:33 AM

Lee L. (far right) with his AF Jingle Jog Team Lee L. (far right) with his AF Jingle Jog Team[/caption] Do your heroes motivate you to be a better version of yourself? For one of American Fidelity’s Group Product Management Colleagues, that’s what Mr. Rogers and the Ultimate Warrior have done! Lee Lerner’s two childhood heroes have inspired him to be a nice person and to be strong. “I’ve become a very nice person, but I’ve yet to lift a 300 pound man over my head,” Lee said. That statement, his dad’s poor health and a disappointing Health Assessment score prompted Lee to start working out. For about a year now, Lee has been working out in American Fidelity’s on-site fitness center, trying to lift heavy things and move around quickly. “Throughout the year the things I’ve lifted have gotten heavier and I’ve gotten quicker.” Lee loves the healthy options at the on-site cafe, especially the vegetables and pork loin! With everything right here at work, Lee can exercise and then grab something to eat very quickly. Over the year Lee has noticed that when playing ultimate Frisbee he doesn’t feel like he’s dying nearly as much, some of his tighter pants have grown recently and his Health Assessment score has greatly improved! The Health Assessment is taken by Colleagues who wish to participate in American Fidelity’s wellness incentive program. “I like exercising at work because it is a very social thing. My friends here have held me accountable for keeping up my healthy lifestyle. If I was going to some outside gym, and I started not showing up, I wouldn’t have someone questioning me in an afternoon meeting, “Where were you today?” Words of wisdom from Lee (stolen from a corny wedding toast): “The greatest gift you can give your family is a healthy you.” Do your upcoming New Year’s resolutions include getting healthy? How about a job search? Check out our openings, apply and maybe you too can get healthy with American Fidelity!

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