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AF Colleague Makes Healthy Changes

November 19, 2015 02:25 AM

Tammy T., Marketing Solutions Tammy T., Marketing Systems[/caption] What does it take to make you decide to make a change for the better? For Marketing Systems Colleague Tammy Townsend, the threat of heart attack or stroke wasn’t even enough to get her attention. But, when she found out that she could possibly go blind, her ears opened up! Tammy has been taking AF’s Health Assessment since it started. Her results have never been perfect, but they were never to the point that she had a sense of urgency to do something. Then, she went for an eye check-up and found out she had busted blood vessels. Her doctor began questioning her about the possibility of being diabetic or having high blood pressure. “Since I had taken the Health Assessment, I had answers for him,” Tammy said. “It’s not high, just borderline.” At that point she was told if she didn’t get her blood pressure under control, she could go blind. “The threat of a heart attack or stroke was not enough to get my attention. But going blind – OH NO, THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!” Tammy started blood pressure medication immediately, but it was hard just to find the right medication and dosage. The side effects of the medicine made her miserable, so she decided she was going to do what she needed to get off that mess. A fellow Colleague told Tammy about My Fitness Pal and she began using it to track her eating and exercise. Anytime she wanted to eat something she shouldn’t, she’d just ask herself if it was worth going blind and that took the temptation away. On her days at the office, Tammy would walk on the treadmill in the fitness center and that prompted her to purchase one for her home as she is a multi-day telecommuter. Encouragement from fellow Colleagues really kept her going. “I was really focused on saving my eyesight and didn’t even think about looking and feeling better. That was an added bonus.” She’s now lost 30 pounds and doesn’t have to take blood pressure medicine. She recently visited her retina specialist and he was excited to see her improvements and released her from his care. He noted that had she not made improvements, she would have been unable to drive within three years. “There are so many benefits to being healthy and I’m sure you’ve heard them all. Yes, it takes time to notice a difference, but keep in mind, time is going to go by whether you make a change or not. You can either not make the change and look back in six months and wish you had, or you can make the change and look back in six months and be so proud of yourself for your accomplishments. For the first time, I’m excited to get the results from my next Health Assessment!”

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