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August 20, 2015 02:52 AM

3G8A9479 Database administrator, Mounir Berrada, is thankful to work for American Fidelity where he can exercise and reach his health and wellness goals with fellow Colleagues and AFA resources. “The availability of the fitness center and grill, the price, the trainers and the healthy food and snack choices are making my wellness journey great,” Mounir said. Mounir started his path to wellness about six months ago because he started not feeling well, had gained weight and just wasn’t in the shape he used to be. He was ready to get back to feeling like himself. So, he joined the on-site fitness center and started attending the Corefit class. He now goes to the gym at least four days a week and has changed his eating habits. Mounir likes to start his mornings with oatmeal, orange juice and a cup of café latte. At lunch he typically has chicken salad and then veggies or soup for dinner. Now that he has been at it for a few months, Mounir feels more motivated and energized and less stressed. He lost weight during the first three months and now he is working to maintain. Job Openings and Hiring Process Do you want to join our team? Check out American Fidelity’s OKC job openings and field sales positions, learn about our hiring process and review tips on getting hired at AFA. If you have questions about our job openings, let us know in the comments!

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