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AF Colleague Living Smart (1)

September 17, 2015 03:24 AM

Tiffany Lindsey Tiffany Lindsey and son, Elijah[/caption] About a year and a half ago American Fidelity Colleague Tiffany Lindsey decided she couldn’t ignore her poor health any longer. Feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, she was fed up and ready to get her body back. Tiffany started her wellness journey with a visit to her doctor who referred her to a nutritionist. They adjusted the quality of foods she was eating and gave her a calorie goal. She began tracking her food with the My Fitness Pal app. “Food tracking was so important to me during this entire journey,” Tiffany said. One of the fun things she has picked up is reading labels and trying to find new, healthy options. She likes to share her new discoveries with people! For exercise, she started walking two or three days a week and after a couple of months she began a class at the YMCA one day a week. Tiffany started with the Boot Camp class and loves it for the variety of exercises and ability to modify and go at her own pace. “I couldn’t do half of what they did in twice the time they did it, but I liked the class and the people so I stuck around and started going three days a week.” She’s been going three days a week since June of last year and has even recruited a couple of friends to go with her. Earlier this year running was added to her routine and she is training for her first half marathon in November. Tiffany runs on the trail at AF’s new location when she can. She’d much rather be outside to run than on the treadmill. Tiffany has lost over 100 pounds, was released from her nutritionist in July of this year and no longer takes medication for high blood pressure. She wants to continue to get stronger and live healthy through a good diet and regular exercise. “The one thing I want people to know is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t look at how far you have to go, just start moving. There are going to be days you have cake and that’s okay. Don’t let it ruin your goal, your week or even your day. Have your cake and move on…just don’t do it every day.” One of the most important things Tiffany has learned is to try to always be prepared. She always carries a health bar in her purse or car so she’s less likely to be derailed when she’s out and about and needs a little pick-me-up. She tries to plan her day ahead of time to make sure she gets a balanced diet in for the day. “Start with small changes and small victories and if you stick with it, they will turn into big changes that can last a lifetime. It’s all about an overall lifestyle change. There is no quick fix, just hard work and determination.”

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