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A Real World Use for Math!

June 16, 2014 02:45 AM
heartnumbers Periodically, especially during the summer months, I see bright new faces in the hallway. These faces belong to our talented American Fidelity interns, so I make a special effort to learn a little about them. Internships at American Fidelity provide students with a great opportunity to earn professional experience in the corporate world. I recently met up with Margaret Vittitow, an intern in Group Product Management in the Associate Worksite Division (AWD); Luke Sandhop, an intern in the Product Actuarial Department in our Strategic Development Division (SDD); and Alex Scott, an intern in the Actuarial Resources Department. These three professed a love of math – I know, right? – and found AFA actuarial internships that allow them to put this passion to work. “Math was my favorite subject in school, and so I was excited to see what jobs used it in day-to-day life,” said Margaret. “When I heard about the actuarial internship, I decided to apply to be exposed to the workings of actuaries and learn more about what paths led others to become actuaries.” Alex interned last summer and enjoyed the experience so much, he returned this year. “I have fond memories of how welcomed I was as an intern,” said Alex. “I was invited to meetings, encouraged to attend events and many more things that I wouldn’t have expected to be a part of as an intern.” “I’m considering going into the actuarial field and thought that this internship would give me a good opportunity to see what being an actuary might be like,” added Luke. “I have learned that even though I have completed my senior year of college, there is still a lot I do not know. I would definitely say I have a more realistic expectation of what the working world will be like when I finally graduate.” Actuaries are very important to companies like American Fidelity, so we’re excited to have Margaret, Alex and Luke on board this summer to learn the ropes. Have you been able to channel a special interest of yours into a career?  Tell us about it in the comments.

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