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A Great Place for Great Colleagues

September 24, 2014 02:15 AM
GreatPlace On the last Wednesday of every month, my Colleagues and I wear special t-shirts emblazoned with American Fidelity’s core values, which we call our “5 AFs.”  These values – Always Fair, Always Financially Secure, Always Flexible, Always Focused, Always Future-Oriented – remind us how we should treat each other and how we should treat our Customers. The 5 AFs are really a way of life at AFA and also demonstrate to me and to my Colleagues how AFA will treat us. I’ve worked in a few different places during my career, and I can honestly say the American Fidelity culture is special. I love my flexible schedule, which allows me to run errands before the stores close. I also enjoy telecommuting once a week. It’s so nice waking up knowing that I don’t have to hop in my car to get my day started. One of my favorite AFA perks is the ability to learn Spanish using Rosetta Stone, and that’s just one of many training opportunities available to me! I know I’m not alone in thinking that AFA is a great place to grow your career, so I decided to ask some of my Colleagues what they think makes American Fidelity a great place to work. Several mentioned the family events, such as our recent family charity event and Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Others talked about our on-site café and medical clinic. One of my friends works out with one of the trainers in our on-site fitness center every day. Colleagues also receive discounts ranging from movie tickets to hotel rooms. American Fidelity is also one of the few employers who offer Colleagues both a pension and a 401(k) for retirement. American Fidelity is also forward-thinking. Thanks to our wireless environment, I’m writing this overlooking the lovely grounds at our new Home Office instead of at my desk. I’m able to collaborate with my Colleagues no matter where I am. Are you looking for a new opportunity? Do you want to work for a great company that treats you well and values your contribution?  Check out our openings at our Home Office in Oklahoma City and our open field sales position and apply to join the American Fidelity family.

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