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5 Interview Tips to Calm Your Nerves

May 8, 2013 02:55 AM

Alejandra Campos, AFA RecruiterInterviewing for a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences in your professional life. Don’t let your nerves make you miss out on your dream job.

5 Interview Tips to Calm Your Nerves

  1. Understand the hiring process. When the recruiter schedules your interview, ask about the hiring process. Find out who you’ll be meeting with and what the next steps are. Knowing what to expect will help reduce stress.
  2. Practice your responses. Research common interview questions and practice your answers, both by yourself in front of a mirror and with a trusted friend. Think of a few specific examples of projects you can use in responses. Determine what qualities you most want to demonstrate during the interview and plan how you can focus on those strengths.
  3. Be prepared. A day or weekend before the interview, print copies of your resume, gather your portfolio and supplies such as a notebook, pen, deodorant and bottle of water, write questions you plan to ask the interviewers, ensure your outfit is clean and pressed, drive to the location so you don’t get lost, etc.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep. Try not to do anything stressful the night before. Take a bath, drink soothing tea, go to dinner with friends or family, read your favorite book or watch a beloved comedy and go to sleep early. Distract yourself from the interview so you can get a good rest. This will help you look and feel more relaxed the next day.
  5. Relax before you begin. Eat something high in protein and avoid caffeine and sugar to help smooth your blood sugar level. Leave enough time to get to the interview 15-20 minutes early. Take a few minutes before you head inside to meditate, take some deep breaths and drink some water. Play a favorite song and sing along to shake off those remaining nerves. Check the mirror for anything stuck in your teeth, pop a mint to freshen your breath and use the restroom. If you tend to sweat when nervous, swipe on a little extra deodorant.

For more ideas on acing the interview, watch this video featuring American Fidelity recruiter Kim Brecheen sharing her tips.

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