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38 New Faces at AFA

June 26, 2015 03:49 AM
American Fidelity Values Each month it seems we talk about how busy we’ve been recruiting the best of the best to join our AFA team, and this month is no different. In fact, the past month has been one of our biggest hiring months this year. We added 38 new faces to our team. We’ve hired 20 new Colleagues on our field sales teams and 18 Colleagues at our Home Office in Oklahoma City. Help me welcome our new hires by commenting!
  • Jason Aker: Sales
  • Torrey Attyah (intern): Marketing
  • Matthew Cobb: Sales
  • Jeremey Davis (intern): Marketing
  • Susanne Fabian: Financial Management Services
  • Kayleen Flom: Benefits
  • Kaleena Gonzalez: Sales
  • Kelli Goode (intern): ISD
  • Jeffrey Gray: Sales
  • Eunice Gutierrez: Sales
  • Katherine Hamilton: Sales
  • Johnathan Henson: ISD
  • Craig Hill: Sales
  • Jay Johnson (intern): Software Quality
  • Elaine Karamanos: Sales
  • Angela Kipper: Sales
  • Audrey Leonhardt: Sales
  • Paul Lloyd: Risk Management
  • Wendy Luffman: Sales
  • Sean Mackin: Sales
  • Keia Marshall: Total Rewards
  • Maximillian Mayerhofer: Sales
  • Jason McCracken: ISD
  • Sandra Morgan (intern): ISD
  • Ryan Moser (intern): Law
  • Andrea Prather: Cobra Special Services
  • William Rhoades: Sales
  • Constance Rist: Sales
  • Kristi Rubi: Sales
  • Charles Shambry Jr.: Sales
  • Jennifer Sotlar: Sales
  • Jaycee Stearman: Benefits
  • Melany Tacandong: Benefits
  • Heather Taylor: Annuity Services
  • Abygail Thompson (intern): Benefits
  • Tracy Ward: Sales
  • Jeffrey Weinstein: Sales
  • Kaitlyn Worner: Group Product Management
We are always hiring! Check out our Home Office openings in OKC and our field sales positions across the country. Be sure to learn about our hiring process and submit any questions you may have for us. We will answer in an upcoming Ask a Recruiter post.

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