What’s Happening at AFA I Earth Day

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Every year on April 22, people across the world take part in Earth Day, and that includes us here at American Fidelity. Individuals, communities, organizations, businesses, etc. recognize the amazing planet we live on and take action to protect it. 

So, do you want to know how AFA is doing their part for Earth Day? I sat down with Colleague Lisa Burchfield to get the scoop. Lisa coordinates a large part of our community efforts at American Fidelity.  

AFA has a shredding truck onsite today where Colleagues can take any paper documents and have them shredded right before their eyes. We are also accepting old cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges and other small electronics to be recycled.

We are working with the Funding Factory Business Support Program to reduce the amount of waste each year and to support the work of our partner school, Buchanan Elementary. With the money earned from AFA’s recycled items, Buchanan will have credits to purchase anything from technology, classroom and business supplies, recreational equipment and more.

How are you taking part in Earth Day? Let us know in the comments!

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