Save Smart: Making Retirement Education Fun

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Like many companies, American Fidelity works hard to ensure our Colleagues understand their retirement benefits options. While we provide a fully funded pension plan, we want Colleagues to know they also need to save for their retirement. We recently kicked off a fun retirement education campaign to help Colleagues understand the difference between their pension and 401(k) plans and ensure they know how much to contribute to their 401(k) to receive the maximum Company match.

We started the campaign with an infographic explaining the difference between a pension plan and a 401(k) – check it out to learn more!


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To make learning about retirement a little more fun, we created a game for Colleagues to vote on how an imaginary Colleague will save for retirement. We’ll follow the Colleague’s time-lapsed career at AFA and see how the votes impact her life and savings. Colleagues will control whether she ends up with enough money to retire in style or has to hope her kids let her move in with them!

How does your company help you understand your retirement benefits? Do they offer both a pension and 401(k) matching? Let us know in the comments!

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