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Phone interviews are an increasingly common way of screening candidates before asking them to come to an in-person interview. While many candidates prepare for in-person interviews, they don’t always know what to expect or how to prepare for a phone interview. I sat down with AFA recruiter, Kim Brecheen to find out just what the purpose of the phone interview really is and how candidates can prepare for them.

Check out the video to see Kim’s answer now.

Now that you have a little insight on what to expect from a phone interview, check out our other Ask a Recruiter blog posts and learn more about preparing for interviews. If you have a question for our recruiters, submit it here and watch for an answer in our upcoming posts.

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  1. Brian Weir says:

    I”m currently in the process of looking into joining the AFA sales force and had just one question. Since AFA is focused on providing insurance and financial products to teachers and school staff, what does an account manager do to keep busy during the summer months when school isn”t in session? I have already had an interview but forgot to ask that ever important question.

    Thanks in advance for answering.


  2. AFA Julie says:

    Many times the schools’ enrollments extend into summer or start early. Account managers also use this time to prepare audits to gear up for their enrollments. This will vary depending upon the state that you are working in. I hope that helps!

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