American Fidelity’s Financial Stability

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 annual report

When you’re looking for a job, it’s easy to focus on flashy perks, unique benefits and compensation. While those things are all important, they won’t matter if the company isn’t around in a year to provide you that salary, fancy perks or trendy benefits anymore.

Founded in 1960, American Fidelity has a long history of stability and success. Since 1982, we’ve earned an A+ rating for financial condition from A.M Best, one of the leading insurance rating services.  In recent recruiting feedback sessions with our new hires, many mentioned appreciating the Company’s strong financial condition and lack of layoffs as factors in their decision making process. Since we help provide financial security to our Customers, it’s imperative that we remain stable as a Company, which means a strong future for our Colleagues as well.

AFA’s annual report details our financial performance for 2012 and provides an overview of our divisions, products, services and culture. For those of you who don’t enjoy detailed financial graphs, it’s still a great resource to learn more about American Fidelity in general. And if you do enjoy perusing financial details? It’s got those too – just flip to page 16!

What kind of information do you look for in an annual report? How important is company financial stability in your job search? Let us know in the comments!

Of course, we offer many benefits and perks alongside our financial security. Check out why we’re an employer of choice and review information on our benefits and perks!

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